about us.

Our goal is to present nature in it’s best shape.
Our idea came to life in Munich 2015 at a business fair dedicated for small to medium sized companies.
We handpick the finest wood available in nearby forests on a daily basis to later make one-of-a-kind handcrafted products.
Our innovative, art-inspired coffee tables are made on a daily basis, available in our shop
Every product is made with an immense amount of passion, providing a unique product for every unique customer.



We create unique tables, bars and unique items found in nearby forests. We do not use new trees for our production, nor do we need them. We use the stumps left after the tree is cut down. So we protect our environment. After using the stump, we burn the rest and bury it. This prevents the infection of stumps and infestation of trees in the environment. This process contributes to environmental protection….

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Our works

Gallery of our handmade works
Coffee Table
Coffee Table "Crooked River"
Epoxy Table "Red River"
Epoxy Table "White River"
Unique Table "Octopus"
Deer Antlers
Walnut Stool Tables
Cherry Bar
Johnny Deep
Walnut Spiral

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Phone: +387 62 583 831

 Fax: +387 35 621 132

Pauč bb, Kladanj, Bosnia and Herzegovina

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