Our Characteristics

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Handmade & nature

We create unique tables, bars and unique items found in nearby forests. We do not use new trees for our production, nor do we need them. We use the stumps left after the tree is cut down. So we protect our environment. After using the stump, we burn the rest and bury it. This prevents the infection of stumps and infestation of trees in the environment. This process contributes to environmental protection.


In our company, great importance is given to the signature of nature. A great deal of love is invested in every product and each is handmade. We walk deep into the forests of the Balkans to miss the proper stump, then leave it to natural drying and make one piece of art from it.

With us, each product has its own story, and its own name. For varnishing, we use only natural oils so that we present the seal of nature in the best possible way.

By combining high quality components, we have made a product that is long-lived and will be admired by future generations. Short shipping routes and the use of regional resources represent our company.